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I wish you a lot of fun in the air, fly safe.

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I've been flying on various flight simulators frequently for decades, the first was Microsoft Flight Simulator 2, and I've been flying DCS for a few years now. Rich and busy years, I'm really happy to see how this military aircraft simulation is gaining in maturity and possibility.

During these few years of flying with DCS, I took a lot of notes to quickly find my bearings and facilitate my navigation, and a few other small things.

I decided to compile all these notes in a database and make them accessible to as many people as possible. I am well aware that this is not much, that the frequency table is incomplete (I would like to add the Crs and the NDBs but I have a formatting problem that I must solve before) and that some kneeboards are much more relevant to use in-game, but if it was useful to a few people I would be happy to, in any case I use it for myself as a reference source that I update as much as possible .

Digital Combat Simulator

DCS is a great combat aircraft (and helicopter) simulator from 1944 to the present day, on which paid addons, called modules, are grafted. It allows you to pilot more than thirty different aircraft, solo or multiplayer, in free flight or in the context of large-scale military operations, in different historical contexts.

Eagle Dynamics

Eagle Dynamics is the studio specializing in military flight simulation that develops DCS. Their first game was the old SU-27 Flanker published in 1995. Its employees work closely with members of the Fighter Collection. Although the company is domiciled in Switzerland, its development teams are mainly located in Russia.