Designation Launcher Track Radar Search radar Min Range Max Range Guidance Engage
SA-10 S-300PS 5P85C/5P85D 30N6 5N66M/64H6E 3nm 65nm Semi-active RF Homing HARMs/cruise missile
SA-11 Buk 9A310M1 Integrated Fire Dome 9S18M1 2nm 20nm Semi-active RF Homing -
SA-13 Strela 9A35M3 Integrated Snap Shot - 3nm 5nm Infrared -
SA-15 Tor 9A331 Integrated Scrum Half - 1nm 6.5nm Command Line of Sight HARMs/cruise missile
SA-19 Tunguska 2S6 - Integrated 4nm 4nm Command Line of Sight cruise missile
SA-2 SM-90 SNR-75 - 4nm 23nm RF Command Guidance -
SA-3 5P73 SNR - 1.5nm 14nm RF Command Guidance -
SA-6 2P25 STR9S91 - 4nm 13nm Semi-active RF Homing -
SA-8 9A33 - - 1nm 5nm Command Line of Sight cruise missile
SA-9 Strela-1 9P31 - - 1nm 4nm Command Line of Sight -