Eurofighter Announcement

Heatblur Simulations caused a sensation with the release of an announcement trailer featuring ... the Eurofighter. What twists and turns in the development of this module ! Announced by VEAO, taken over by True Grit, saved by Heatblur? We will know more within six months minimum. An unexpected reaction to this announcement is that many fans (mostly French) reacted massively by creating a petition intended to develop an official Rafale module on DCS. And everyone knows it well: the Rafale, in addition to being the most beautiful plane in the world, is the best multirole fighter in the world ;).

Marianas map released

Update 2.5.3 has just landed on the stable branch of DCS. You can read the changelog here, although the most anticipated addition of this update was the release of the new free map called Marianes.

I'm not sure what to think of this map. As much as I find the Andersen base very beautiful and the island of Guam with a good level of detail, the rest is only immense expanses of water (we are talking about a map that is 1500 x 1500) which will give pride of place to naval conflicts.

JDAM added for the F-16C Viper

DCS Update 2.7.2, in addition to Cyprus, has brought many more useful things.

Since I'm an F-16C lover, let's take a look at the updates related to the F-16:

  • Added JDAM GBU-31 and GBU-38
  • Added new pitot model implementation (Correct KIAS, KCAS, altitude calculation).
  • Cockpit Engine and Aural Feedback sound update
  • MK-82 AIR high drag explode behind aircraft - Fixed
  • CCIP aiming mark still visible after all A-G stores are gone - Fixed
  • Wrong MFD page when switching to A-A mode - Fixed
  • Pressing SEQ on INS page will trigger IFA despite knob set to NAV - Fixed
  • SLANT range missing in HUD in A/G - Fixed
  • HARM - Selecting DL on HAS option powers off weapon - Fixed
  • Updated english Early Access Guide

The most important in my opinion is the possibility of finally playing with JDAM.

The JDAM (for Joint Direct Attack Munition) is not a bomb, it is a guidance kit that converts unguided bombs into guided bombs. The bombs equipped with JDAM are guided by an inertial guidance system coupled to a Global Positioning System (GPS), which gives them increased precision, especially when weather conditions reduce the effectiveness of laser guidance, and giving them a range of up to 15 nautical miles.

When installed on a bomb, the JDAM kit receives a GBU (Guided Bomb Unit) nomenclature instead of Mark or BLU.

For now, in DCS, the F16 can embed GBU31 and GBU38. We can bet that in a few years, the F-16 will be able to embark JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile) which will be able to look for targets ... when the radar jamming is correctly modeled.

Tour of Cyprus

With the imminent release of Cyprus on the stable version of DCS, still under development by Ugra Media, Boresight has given us a very comprehensive tour of Cyprus full of interesting details. With its 18 new aerodromes and its special location, Cyprus is eagerly awaited and will further expand the scenarios around the Syria map.

F-14 Development Update

It is through a post on the Eagle Dynamics forums that Nicholas Dackard, the founder of Heatblur, informs us of the next major developments for the F14 Tomcat and for its supercarrier module.

The most interesting points concern:

- A new physics for the F14 hook.

- The Carrier Burble (it is the name given by navy pilots to the aerodynamic wake aft of an aircraft carrier).

- Two features for Jester, which are flying to a waypoint, and orbiting a waypoint.

- A night catapult signalization

And so much more. You can read the entire post HERE.